Cinderella Cablepunk returns to Kindle

CINDERELLA CABLEPUNK, after spending a few years away from Kindle, has returned, and right now through Friday, October 5th, you can purchase it for free!


Hello, Syrenka!

My SYRENKA never got its due here because I held the big hoopla over at Cablepunk Press. So this is an attempt to rectify that.

The wonderful banner you see above is a detail of the cover art by Aubriel Evans.

Print and Kindle copies of SYRENKA are available at Amazon. Note that each of the two preceding links are affiliate links. If you buy something when clicking through them, I get a few extra coins.

And who doesn’t like a freebie? Tomorrow September 11, 2018 through Thursday the 13th, SYRENKA will be free to download for Kindle. So pick up your free copy and let me know what you think!