Uncovered Exposition

Rooster Teeth’s RWBY is now on its third episode of its sixth season. With S6E2 freely available on Rooster Teeth’s website and S6E3 behind the paywall that is Rooster Teeth First, here are my thoughts. Spoilers follow.

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Thank Me Later on the Argus Limited

One week has passed since Rooster Teeth’s RWBY S6E1 became available to subscribers of Rooster Teeth First, and that means the episode — titled “Argus Limited” — is now freely available to view. The episode did everything it needed to do, and here are my thoughts.

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RWBY and the Return of Cinder, Roman, and Neopolitan?

Rooster Teeth’s RWBY returned to the Internet this past Saturday for its sixth season. Though the season’s first episode is currently behind a paywall courtesy of Rooster Teeth First, the season’s intro is readily available on YouTube. What the intro reveals are some pretty strong hints as to the whereabouts of Cinder, Roman, and Neopolitan.

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RWBY Volume 6 Intro on YouTube

The intro to the sixth season of RWBY is now on YouTube coinciding with the episode’s release for subscribers of Rooster Teeth First. Thankfully, it ends with props to Monty Oum. I so wish they would have shown this intro at the Fathom Events theatrical screening this past Thursday. My understanding is Rooster Teeth will not be posting this season’s episodes on YouTube, but in one week, the episode will be free for all to view on Rooster Teeth’s website.

The Fathom Events RWBY S6E1 premiere was kinda lame

Last night, Fathom Events held the season premiere of the first episode of the sixth season of Rooster Teeth’s RWBY. While the episode itself was pretty sweet, the hour and a half presentation of the brief episode was pretty lame. What follows is a critique of the event and not a review of the episode. Consequently, it is spoiler-free.

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